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Welcome to DGEM:

The Centre for Dermatology and Genetic Medicine

Our research is in 3 related areas -

(1) We track down faulty genes that cause skin disorders, especially those affecting the epidermis. Read more

(2) We translate these discoveries into clinical practice by offering genetic diagnosis to families affected by skin disease through our NHS partners. Read more

(3) Based on understanding how the underlying causative genes work, we develop new treatments for incurable skin conditions and methods to deliver new therapies into the skin. Read more

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Genetic Skin Disorders

Research groups within DGEM have discovered the faulty genes that cause several skin diseases.  Understanding the root cause of these disorders paves the way for developing new treatments.

New Skin Therapies

DGEM investigators are at the forefront of research to identify new, more effective treatments for rare skin diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa (EB) and common conditions such as skin cancer or eczema.

Tayside Centre for Genomic Analysis

TCGA – Tayside Centre for Genomic Analysis – was established by DGEM is provides a next generation sequencing facility across the University of Dundee and external users. For project enquires please contact Facility Manager Dr Andy Cassidy.