PC Patient Support Meeting

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DGEM along with PC Project, hosted and organised the 2014 European PC Patient support meeting.  These meetings provide a unique opportunity for patients affected by this very rare condition to meet other patients/families and learn from each others' experiences.  A variety of educational and informative talks are given, along with discussion sessions where the patients are given the opportunity to quiz the experts (both scientists and clinicians).  These meetings also provide the platform for researchers to learn directly from the patients and thereby influence future studies.  As part of this meeting, a pain study was also carried out and it is hoped that results from these investigations will be published next year.  We thank the patients for their participation in this.  As well as the adult programme, a seperate schedule for the children was organised and they participated in a number of actvities including extraction DNA from kiwi-fruits which went down very well!  The full programme can be found here.